Pedagogical Training

As a graduate student at Brown University, I have participated in opportunities to develop my skills as a teacher. Below is a record of my training:

Brown University Harriet Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning

  • Reflective Teaching, Teaching Certificate #1: From the lectures, workshops, and readings that make up this yearlong program, I learned about reflective teaching. The four fundamental components of reflective teaching are: an understanding that effective teaching requires careful planning; knowledge of one’s audience and the ability to engage different learning styles; establishing learning goals and means to determine if such goals have been achieved; and a willingness to be innovative.
  • Professional Development Seminar, Teaching Certificate #3: This seminar prepared me to think as critically about my teaching as my scholarship. In this yearlong program, I worked on developing my teaching portfolio (teaching philosophy statements, syllabi) and other essential professional materials for the job search (CVs, cover letters) with the help of my peers and seminar leaders Laura Hess and Dana Polanichka.

Brown University American Studies Department

  • Professional Development in American Studies Seminar: Offered through the Department of American Studies to its doctoral students, this semester long seminar educated me on the challenges in research and teaching American Studies at the university level at liberal arts institutions. In this seminar, I designed a syllabus for an undergraduate level seminar that I later taught at Brown.

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